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The false ceiling is one of the most silent parts of your house. so one has to think of several ways to favor the room it an agreeable look. The false ceiling is a second roof layer suspended from the first layer with help of a metal frame. The main constituent of a false ceiling is the gypsum plasterboard that provides flexibility to the second layer of the ceiling.

False ceiling helps to adorn the looks of your house as well as they can be exceedingly worthwhile to keep your room cool and calm, not only this but also they serve to be good light holdings over the ceiling.

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A purpose of  False ceilings could be many.

We offer premium quality of interior designing of False Ceiling / Wall Paneling material for Commercial and Residential sectors.


High ceilings give more space for the human body to feel small in comparison to space, so inducing a feeling of great space/ more openness. A small space becomes big scale or of higher order or style by increasing the third dimension of height.


High false ceilings can provide more ventilation, light comparatively. Hot air rises and escapes from ventilators, making an automatic efficient cooling & ventilation building system while giving more light too.


Some kind of buildings need high ceilings because of the function, utility, e.g. factories, stadiums, auditoriums, workshops, supermarkets & public buildings are high ceilings to accommodate various kinds of furniture, machines, and equipment & ensure their movements.

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